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Huntland, Tennessee PDF Print E-mail

fallsmill.jpg The town of Huntland is a beautiful small town in Middle Tennessee located in the southwest part of Franklin County. Huntland lies 12 miles to the south of Winchester, the county seat; 22 miles west of Fayetteville, the Lincoln county seat; 35 miles north of Huntsville, Alabama; and 100 miles south of Nashville, Tennessee's state capitol.

Huntland is governed by a private act charter established in 1913. There is a Mayor and five Aldermen. This Board of Mayor and Aldermen meet every third Monday of each month. There is a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting monthly with Ben D. Sutton, Chairman.

We have one of the county's two High Schools located in Huntland, established in the very early 1900's. Huntland Elementary and High school educate students K-12 and presently have about 600 students enrolled. Huntland is proud of their Elementary, Jr. High and High School football, baseball, and basketball teams and their many accomplishments.

We have three wells that provide water for the town, and a new filtration plant to be opened in August 1997. We have a nice City Park, Community Center, and a new Fire Hall built recently. Two new businesses, a funeral home and newly, expanded bank building are enhancing the town's business section of about twenty businesses. We have located in our town's industrial area four manufacturing plants. A medical clinic, dental clinic, and pharmacy assure our residents of health care provisions close to home.

Every year for many, many years the town has held an Annual 4th of July celebration in the City Park. We continue that tradition today. For the last five years we have held a Christmas Parade on the second Saturday of December.

Partially surrounded by beautiful mountains and fertile farmlands, Huntland is a good place for people who enjoy small town life to live. We encourage you to visit our lovely town.

Come visit our attractions.

Mayor Patrick Matthews

Huntland City Hall
100 Cumberland Blvd. 
P.O. Drawer H 
Huntland, TN 37345 
(call before faxing)