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horse.JPGAs we begin, let me give you a brief history of our town. Estill Springs is the second largest town in historic Franklin County.


Before 1840, the Estill family had acquired considerable property in and around the area that bears their name today. Frank Estill offered the railroad company a right-of-way for the construction of a railroad track through his land. After the railroad was completed about 1850, there was much attraction to the area.

The mineral springs were probably first discovered by the Cherokee Indians who inhabited the area and hunted along the Elk River. Originally, the springs contained Sulfur, Chalybeate, Limestone and freestone water. Those remaining springs are still the source of the town's water supply. Thus the name..... Estill Springs.

Spas and summer resorts soon located near the mineral springs became popular with summer vacationers in pursuit of the reputed curative qualities of the water. Mr. Estill had deeded the springs to the town, therefore making this an ideal location for a summer resort. One of the regular summer visitors was the wife of General Douglas McArthur.

At the beginning of World War II, the construction of Camp Forrest brought about a slight economic growth in the community. In 1940, Highway 41-A was completed. With the location of Arnold Engineering Development Center near Tullahoma on the Camp Forrest site in 1950, Estill Springs experienced much growth with the influx of new residents.

Estill Springs' residents take great pride in their churches. Presently there are ten churches within the city limits and they cover most major denominations. Estill Springs' first public school was a frame building. When this school burned, a new brick building containing six rooms and an auditorium was created and later expanded to accommodate the growing population. Since 1977 elementary students in grades K - 6 attend Rock Creek Elementary School. Only the remodeled gym of the old school building remains as the Young and Moore Community Center.

Civic organizations active in Estill Springs today include the Boy Scouts of America, Lions Club, Masonic Lodge #651, and Homemakers clubs. Other active community groups are the Saddle Club, Little League baseball, girls softball, Coon Hunters Club, and the Estill Springers Square Dance Club. Recently completed is the Estill Springs Memory Lane, a fully lighted walking trail complete with benches, water fountains, bird houses, and a sign dedicated to former citizens of Estill Springs.

Estill Springs takes pride and comfort in its Police and Fire Departments. The fire department has all the latest equipment and is striving to certify all volunteer fireman. The police department has a very dedicated group of officers which strive to provide twenty-four hour service to our residents.
We in Estill Springs, Tennessee are very excited about the new 4-lane highway being built through Estill Springs that will connect Tullahoma and Winchester. While alleviating much of the traffic congestion, we also have exciting plans for our business district.

One item that the Mayor and Board of Alderman past and present take great pride in is maintaining the lowest tax and water rates in Franklin County. This continues to draw many new residents to our area.
If you are looking for a small town atmosphere with a touch of business district, surrounded by a beautiful lake (Tims Ford Lake), opportunities for great out-door enjoyment, friendly people and accessibility to industry, let me take this opportunity to invite you to drive through, come by for a visit, or better yet, come make our hometown your hometown!

Mayor Tony Dematteo

Estill Springs City Hall 
P.O. Drawer 100 
Estill Springs, Tennessee 37330 
Telephone: 931-649-5188
Fax: 931-649-5971