The town of Huntland is a beautiful rural community in Middle Tennessee located in the southwest part of Franklin County.  Huntland lies 12 miles  south of Winchester, the county seat; 22 miles west of Fayetteville, the Lincoln County seat; 35 miles north of Huntsville, Alabama; and 100 miles south of Nashville, Tennessee’s state capitol.  Huntland is governed by five aldermen and meet every fourth Monday of each month. There is also a planning and zoning commission and an industrial board.

   Huntland has one of the county’s high schools, established in the very early 1900’s. Huntland School educates students K-12, and presently has about 600 students enrolled.  Huntland is proud of its elementary, middle school, and high school. They excel in academics as well as sports, football, baseball, and basketball teams and their many accomplishments. And we are proud to have such a family oriented school in our community.  

   Water for the town is obtained from three wells, and an up to date filtration plant.  In the center of   the community lies a nice city park, community center and fire hall. Local bank enhances the town’s business section that includes about twenty businesses. There is one lumber company, and one empty plant located in the town’s industrial area.  A medical and dental clinic to ensure of residents health care provisions close to home.  Huntland has a Dollar General Store and a newly remodeled bank building serving as the City Hall and Water Department. 

    Every year for the last 64 years, the Huntland Lions Club has held an annual 4th of July celebration which still continues today.  Partly surrounded by beautiful mountains and fertile farmlands, Huntland is a great place for people who enjoy small town way of life.   We encourage you to visit our lovely town.

We encourage you to visit our lovely town.