Community Event
Saturday, 29 September 2018 00:00
833 Bypass Rd, Winchester
TN 37398, United States

This event was created by the Franklin County AM Rotary Club to showcase FPV drone racing and to create a fun filled learning experience for all ages.

What is FPV drone racing?!

Come find out at the Franklin County Drone Drop Race! You will see pilots using “virtual reality” headsets to fly remote controlled multi-rotor helicopters (aka. “racing drones”) with amazing speed and agility. This is known as FPV, or First Person View.

This cutting edge sport is inspiring more and more people around the world! Learning to fly, operate, and maintain the sophisticated systems that power these extraordinary flying machines takes dedicated focus to develop and a lifetime to master. Our special “Drone Drop” mission is to motivate and enable young people to explore an exciting hobby that builds hands-on engagement and understanding of science and technology.
Proceeds go toward Rotary International's mission to eradicate polio and to our club's local service projects including a new initiative to support STEM/STREAM educational programs with grant-based funding toward future drone programs in Franklin County schools.

Event Date: Saturday, 9/29/2018
Time Zone: Central Standard Time

Spectator Fee: $5 (includes one raffle ticket)

Young Spectators ages 4-18: $3 (includes one raffle ticket)

Additional Raffle tickets: $5

Pilot “Landing Fee:” $20
Pilots Registration and Practice: 12:00pm
Pilots Racing Start Time: 2:00pm

Spectator Show Start Time: 5:15pm
Spectators are welcome throughout the race day, but are encouraged to find their seats by 5:00pm to see some special demonstration events.

The “kickoff” of the spectator show will start promptly at 5:15pm. And don’t miss the Drone Drop raffle closing ceremony!

Competitors are invited to arrive after 12 pm Central Standard Time for registration and practice.

AMA membership is required for all participating pilots.

The top-placing pilots a the five-round stage will stay on to compete in a head-to-head special stage to determine first place cash prize winner during the spectator session of the event. The winner will receive a cash-split based on the number of pilot registrations sold and on the number of raffle tickets sold.
Second place finisher receives $60, third place $25.

Also during the spectator session, young pilots from local schools will compete in a special racing round on drones furnished by STEM/STREAM funding resources.

Finally, the “Drone Drop” drawing will be a special demonstration using a drone to drop ping pong balls from the air onto a target on the field. Numbered ping pong balls will rain from the sky! Winning ticket is determined by the ball landing closest to a target on the field.
Second and third place raffle prizes will be announced.

First place will receive a cash-split based on the number of tickets sold.


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  • Saturday, 29 September 2018 00:00

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