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"Franklin County, TN is a progressive community with a tradition of faith and an awareness of its heritage. We strive to preserve and protect our environment and natural beauty and are strongly committed to quality education, cultural diversity, enterprising in both its economy and government."

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As a business owner, manager, or community member, your time is valuable. You want someone listening to your concerns that affect commerce and working to understand and address those concerns for the common good. That's where we come in. The Chamber is always on the lookout for issues that could affect Franklin County businesses and our community in a positive or negative way. The Chamber engages in dialogue with representatives at all levels of government - federal, state, and county.


Manufacturers´ Appreciation "Salute"


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Business Expo


The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce’s Business Expo is an opportunity for businesses to network, meet new customers, gain exposure, introduce new products, and build relationships that will lead to new growth and production. The Annual Business Expo  connects business and the community.

This event is comprised of more than 100 booths. Members are able to showcase products and services to the public. Participating exhibitors and sponsors are featured in all media, providing a broad range of advertising exposure.

Sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Review booth options and supporter opportunities listed. Decide which level of participation will best represent your company. 

Together we can grow your business & your clientele!



Business EXPO & Marketplace 2018









      2017 EXPO HUGE SUCCESS!!!!


Community Links

Franklin County Government

Agriculture Extension Office - 931-967-2741

Assesor of Property - 931-967-3876

F.C. Board of Education Board of Education - 931-967-0626

Chancery Court - 931-967-2843

County County Clerks Office - 931-967-2541

County Mayors Office - 931-967-2905

Circuit Court Clerk - 931-967-2923

Elections Administrator - 931-967-1893

Emergency Communications - 931-967-2331

Emergency Management - 931-967-4532

Finance Office - 931-967-1279

General Sessions Clerk - 931-967-2089

General Sessions Judge - 931-962-4133

Health Department - 931-967-3826

Highway Department - 931-967-2755

Industrial Development - 931-967-5319

Jail - 931-962-0123

Library - 931-967-3706

Planning and Zoning - 931-967-0981

Probation Services - 931-968-0005

Rabies Control - 931-967-5389

Register of Deeds - 931-967-2840

Senior Citizens - 931-967-0741

Solid Waste Authority - 931-967-1139

Trustee - 931-967-2962

Veteran Affairs - 931-967-9322

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