Economic Development

Industrial Park

Available Property

Site 1- Full No Properties Available
Roy Crownover Industrial Park
Location:  U.S. Highway 64 Business
Acreage:  20 Acres
Distance to Town:  Winchester Corporate Limits
Direction from Town:  Southwest Section of City
Nearest Highway:US Highway 64-4 Lane Divided
Distance:  Adjacent
Nearest Interstate:*  I-24
Distance:  17 Miles
Rail Line:  No
Electric Lines: On Site Ft. 13,000 Volts
Gas: On Site   Ft. 2 Inch Line
Water:  On Site Ft. 12 Inch Line
Sewer: On Site Ft. 8 Inch Line
Core Drilling: No
Topo Prepared: Yes
Cost Per Acre:  Negotiable
1/2 Mile to Interstate Spur  Franklin County Industrial Park

Site 2
Franklin County Industrial Park
 Controlled:  Owned by Franklin County
Acreage:  70 Acres
Distance to Town:  Within Winchester Corp Limits
Direction from Town:  Northeast Section of City
Nearest Highway:  US Hwy 64-4 Lane Divided Hwy
Distance:  1block & 1/2 Mile
Nearest Interstate:*  I-24
Distance:  15 Miles
Rail Line:  No
Electric Lines:  On Site Ft. 13,000 Volts
Gas:  On Site Ft.  2 Inch Line
Water:  On Site Ft 12 Inch Line
Sewer:   On Site Ft.  8 Inch Line
Core Drilling:  Yes
Topo Prepared:  Yes
Cost Per Acre:  $15,000
*1 Mile to Interstate Spur 
Industrial Support Services
The Franklin County Manufacturers’ Roundtable administered by the Chamber meets once a month at the Chamber at 12:00, noon.
Contact for additional information:

Franklin County Chamber of Commerce
Judy Taylor, Executive Director

Number of Plants:  56
Average Annual Employment:      17,610
Annual Average Wage:               $19,570.00
Major Industry In Area:        Aerospace Testing, Automobile Engines, Machine Shops, Automobile Parts, Welded storage tanks & Commercial Carpet


   Arnold Engineering Development Center is the world’s largest and most complex collection of flight simulation test facilities.
The 4,000 acres that comprise AEDC are part of the 40,000 acre Arnold Air Force Base. The base was dedicated June 25, 1951 by President Harry S. Truman. AEDC has tested virtually every high performance  aerospace system the Department of Defense has developed since the mid-1950’s.Working for AEDC, there are 121 active duty military, 264 government civilian and 2,006  contract employees.
Their mission is to provide their customers with the world’s most effective and affordable aerospace,   ground test and evaluation products and services, to ensure Arnold Engineering Development Center’s ground test facilities, technologies, and knowledge fully support today’s and tomorrow’s customers. 

AEDC Public Affairs
100 Kindel Drive
Suite B213
Arnold Air Force Base, TN 37389-2213
Phone: (931) 454-4204
Fax: (931) 454-6086

Our Mission

The mission of the Chamber is to improve the business climate and quality of living in Franklin County for residents, workers and visitors. It provides valuable services to business and civic leaders who represent the backbone of the Franklin County business community. 

Our Goal

Everyday the Chamber answers phone calls, email messages,  mail requests, and business meetings with information about the community. The Chamber has formed alliances with industry and business leaders, sister chambers, government agencies at the local state and national levels to accomplish its goals of business and community service which promotes quality of life in Franklin County.

Our Promotion

The Chamber also promotes networking, educational forums, events, and produces the Franklin Times Newsletter and hosts a Chamber website which is the State Recognized official website of Franklin County. The website registers #1 on Google for Franklin County Chamber and #2 on Yahoo.  In the first year and a half we are reaching nearly 1 million visitors!