• Welcome to The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce

    Proudly committed to creating a dynamic and prosperous community to be enjoyed by all.
  • Our Mission

    The mission of the Chamber is to improve the business climate and quality of living in Franklin County for residents, workers and visitors.
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    The primary goal of our Chamber is to create economic community growth, attract tourists, and at the same time it is imperative to maximize every opportunity to market member services and products.
  • Program of Work

    The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce’s Program of Work is comprised of support projects and services, leadership activities, appreciation events, development activities, and fundraising projects which allows Franklin County to progress and grow.
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Welcome to Franklin County, Tennessee


Our members, volunteers and staff stand ready and willing to meet the needs of our growing county today and the challenges that we face in the future.

Franklin County Chamber of Commerce members are proudly committed to creating a dynamic and prosperous community to be enjoyed by all.  Through their membership investment in the Chamber, they ensure that all residents enjoy valuable recreational, educational and cultural opportunities.  They also contribute to the prosperity of the local economy, working with the local officials and community leaders to help provide jobs and career opportunities for our residents, their children and grandchildren.

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Crimson Clover was first planted in Franklin County, Tennessee in 1892 by Mr. John Ruch of the Belvidere Community. He received a peck of crimson clover seed (regarded as a soil building legume) from Commissioner Essary of France. Possibilities of the crop were not realized until ten years later, in 1902 when Lee Ruch decided to seed a field of crimson clover again. In the following years crimson clover was grown extensively here and seed was sold on a large scale.
However, it was during World War I when the importation of the seed was sold on a large scale, that importation of the seed from its native France was prohibited, and American seed men turned to Franklin County to secure their supply. It is ironic that such a tragic period for our county could prove so beneficial for our county.
The production of the seed as a cash crop, often called "The Crimson Mortgage Lifter" is only one of the uses of crimson clover. It is infinitely more valuable as a winter pasture crop that will fatten livestock and make dairy cattle erosion, and it is highly rated by agricultural experts as a soil builder when turned under. Actually, its value as a cash crop is the least important of its virtures, since a very small area devoted to the production of its seed could supply the whole United States - which is virtually what Franklin County did. There were eleven festivals honoring this once strong cash crop of the area held from 1936-1954. Today the Chamber of Commerce is continuing the tradition by hosting an annual Crimson Clover Ball that is always held in May when our beautiful crimson clover fields are in full bloom.


The Southern Middle Tennessee Pavilion is located in Winchester, Franklin County, Tennessee. From the square in Winchester, follow Highway 64 West for approximately 2 miles and turn right on Joyce Lane. There will be a sign with Southern Middle Tennessee Pavilion at the intersection of Highway 64 West and Joyce Lane. Once you turn right on Joyce Lane go through the first stop sign and turn right at the next paved drive which is the driveway of the Southern Middle Tennessee Pavilion.

The building is very versatile. It can be used for concerts, rodeos, flea markets, arts & crafts fairs, farm expositions and auctions, all types of horse shows, 4-H events, team roping, tractor pulls, etc.

The size of the building is 280.4 feet x 205.4 feet. The building has an indoor dirt ring approximately 238.30 feet x 101 feet. The building has stationary bleachers that will seat approximately 950 people. With more bleachers or chairs brought in, the building will seat 3,000 people. The building is equipped with a full concession stand. The building is heated, but is not air-conditioned.

Contact Jimmy Stewart, Manager of the Pavilion, for full details on how to rent the building and for upcoming events. She can be reached at (931) 967-3888 (work) or (931) 967-3211 (home).


The Franklin County Library is open 6 days a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M.; Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Approximately 40,000 volumes are housed in a 9,000 square foot building. Other services include: tax forms, audio-visuals, newspapers, periodicals, on-line catalog, FAX and copy service and special summer programs for children. The local history and genealogy department includes an extensive cross-indexed collection of family histories, census, maps, microfilm, marriage and cemetery records. An active "Friends" organization sponsors a yearly home tour and book sale. For more information, call 931-967-3706; FAX 931- 962-1477; Historical Society, 931-962-1476, 105 S. Porter Street, Winchester, TN 37398.


Population Franklin County, TN United States
Population Estimates 41402 321418820
Population Change - 2010-2014 0.9 % 3.3 %
Population Census 2010 41052 308745538
Age and Sex Franklin County, TN United States
Persons Under 5 Years 5.6 % 6.2 %
Persons Under 18 Years 17.9 % 23.1 %
Persons 65 Years and Over 17.4 % 14.5 %
Female Persons 51.2 % 50.8 %
Race and Hispanic Origin Franklin County, TN United States
Caucasian 91.7 % 77.4 %
Black or African American Alone 5.2 % 13.2 %
American Indian and Alaska Native Alone 0.4 % 1.2 %
Asian Alone 0.9 % 5.4 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Alone 0.1 % 0.2 %
Two or More Races 1.8 % 2.5 %
Hispanic or Latino 2.8 % 17.4 %
White Alone, Not Hispanic or Latino 89.2 % 62.1 %
Population Characteristics Franklin County, TN United States
Veterans 4016 20700711
Foreign Born Persons 2 % 13.1 %
Housing Franklin County, TN United States
Housing Units 18956 133957180
Owner Occupied Housing Unit Rate 75.8 % 64.4 %
Median Value of Owner Occupied Housing Units 106800 175700
Median Selected Monthly Owner Costs With a Mortgage 958 1522
Median Selected Monthly Owner Costs Without a Mortgage 355 457
Median Gross Rent 619 920
Building Permits 110 1046363
Families and Living Arrangements Franklin County, TN United States
Households 16126 116211092
Person Per Household 2.42 2.63
Living In Same House 1 Year Ago 84.8 % 85.0 %
Language Other than English Spoken at Home, Persons Age 5 Years+ 3.1 % 20.9 %
Education Franklin County, TN United States
High School Graduate or Higher, Persons 25 Years+ 80.9% 86.3 %
Bachelor's Degree or Higher, Persons 25 Years+ 18.7 % 29.3 %
Health Franklin County, TN United States
With a Disability, Under Age 65 Years 12.7 % 8.5 %
Persons Without Health Insurance, Under Age 65 Years 15.7 % 12.0%
Economy Franklin County, TN United States
In Civilian labor Force, Total, Age 16 Years+ 56.1 % 63.5 %
In Civilian labor Force, Female, Age 16 Years+ 50.6 % 58.7 %
Total Accomodation and Food Service Sales ($1,000) 28049 613795732
Total Manufacturing Shipments ($1,000) 3187056 5319456312
Total Retail Sales ($1,000) 343584 3917663456
Total Retail Sales Per Capita 8341 12990
Transportation Franklin County, TN United States
Mean Travel Time to Work, Workers Age 16 Years+ 22.5 minutes 25.7 minutes
Income and Poverty Franklin County, TN United States
Median household Income $42,663 $53,482
Per Capia Income in past 12 Months $23,099 $28,555
Persons In Poverty 16.5 % 14.8 %
Business Franklin County, TN United States
Total Employer Establishments 663 7488353
Total Employment 10475 118266253
Total Annual Payroll 378117 5621697325
Total Employment Change 7.0 % 2.0 %
Total Non-Employer Establishments 2565 23005620
All Firms 2967 27092908
Men Owned firms 1436 13900554
Women Owned Firms 798


Veteran Owned Firms 187 2447608
Non Veteran Owned Firms 2512 22627611
Geography Franklin County, TN United States
Population Per Square Mile 74.0 87.4
Land Area in Square Miles 554.54 3531905.43
FIPS Code "47051" "00"
*Some estimates presented here come from sample data, and thus have sampling errors that may render some apparant differences between geographies statistcally indistinguishable.
* Some information suppressed to avoid disclosure of confidential information, or because it does not meet publication standards.
Data derived from: Population Estimates, American Community Survey, Census of Population and Housing, Current Population Survey, Small Area Health Insurance Estimates, Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates, Stae and County Housing Unit estimates, County Business Patterns, Non-employer Statistics, Economic Census, Survey of Business Owners and Building Permits.


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Our Mission

The mission of the Chamber is to improve the business climate and quality of living in Franklin County for residents, workers and visitors. It provides valuable services to business and civic leaders who represent the backbone of the Franklin County business community. 

Our Goal

Everyday the Chamber answers phone calls, email messages,  mail requests, and business meetings with information about the community. The Chamber has formed alliances with industry and business leaders, sister chambers, government agencies at the local state and national levels to accomplish its goals of business and community service which promotes quality of life in Franklin County.

Our Promotion

The Chamber also promotes networking, educational forums, events, and produces the Franklin Times Newsletter and hosts a Chamber website which is the State Recognized official website of Franklin County. The website registers #1 on Google for Franklin County Chamber and #2 on Yahoo.  In the first year and a half we are reaching nearly 1 million visitors!